PORTRAIT - Makoto Yokomizo
‘Celebrating whimsicality’. Makoto Yokomizo (AAT) looks forward to a future that won’t force him to join the throngs currently pursuing functionalism and efficiency.

ARTICLE- House in Fukawa
‘100m2 of fun’. Makoto Tanijiri knows how to create an ocean of space despite a limited surface area.

Nobuhiro Tsukada’s Earth House, NAF’s Mecenat Art Project, and Hiroshi Kuno’s Kumagai House.

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DAMn 28

PORTRAIT- Hiroshi Nakamura
‘Making Way for the Birds and the Trees’
By focusing on the itsy-bitsy and studying the natural movement of life forms, Japanese architect Hiroshi Nakamura captures special qualities that he then implants in his architecture.

INTERVIEW Nendo (Oki Sato)
At the Tokyo-based design office Nendo, Oki Sato concentrates on his happiness, the client’s happiness and the public’s happiness, all at the same time. His mission is to find small ‘!’ moments in everyday life and to use those to create design works at whatever scale.

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FEATURE ‘White Out’
Ryue Nishizawa blurs the lines between art, architecture and nature in an fundamental new project in a remote corner of Japan. Cathelijne Nuijsink interviews Nishizawa in front of the new art space at Teshima island.


Zuschnitt 41

ARTICLE Termas Geometricas (Chile)
‘Rebuilding A Spirit That Was Once There’
 ‘The Chilean landscape is our strength and at the same time our weakness’, architect Germán del Sol says. ‘ We Chileans are proud of our landscape, but consider it a scenery to look at.’ Since his return to Chile in 1980 Chilean architect del Sol found himself a mission in his native country; to capture the wild Chilean landscapes inside the people.

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ARTICLE ‘A House for Repose’
In its first completed project of ‘Tsui no Sumika’, Japanese architecture firm Kite Architecture considers the needs of a retired Japanese couple.

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ARTICLE ‘Typically Tokyo’
Junichi Sampei designed a concrete house that he wrapped in steel.  By calling the project ‘House Tokyo’, the architect refers to the typical circumstances of building in Tokyo that he does not wish to conceal but does try to soften. The abstract steel plate façade seems like a work of art in its surroundings, but at the same time it reconciles city and private life.

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ARTICLE ‘Forest Fantasy’
Using 6000 sticks of cypress wood, Kengo Kuma constructed the GC Prostho Museum research centre in Aichi, an experimental space devoted to dentures.

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OKRA landscape architects has earned its kudos with attractive projects on a variety of scale levels that make it possible to experience spaces in a new way. In this monograph, the landscape designer and publicist Noël van Doorn places OKRA’s work within the context of contemporary landscape architecture. Journalist and architect Cathelijne Nuijsink has interviewed OKRA, besides reviewing a number of important projects.

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ARTICLE ‘The dynamics of Japanese Roofs’
While Western architecture emphasizes the verticality of walls, traditional Japanese architecture concentrates on its roofs and floors. Fortunately, the young Japanese architects are rediscovering the potential of structures with a Japanese style roof. Using a variety of treatments in the coverings, they are hoping to redefine their clients’ style of urban life from within the house.

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‘Urban Outfitters’
According to MMBB, Brazilian cities are better served by thoughtful urban design than by symbolic architecture. With Oscar Niemeyer’s famous Copan Building in the backdrop to the interview, the three partners of MMBB talk about the influence of modern masters in Brazilian architecture today. Their agenda is different though. MMBB wants to tackle the urban problems of Sao Paulo.

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Materia 2

By combining the best of two countries, the detailed design research method of Japan and the speed of constructions in China, this issue of Materia Arquitectura would like to give a clue on how to shape our future cities at a more human level. The dossier opens with an interview with Ma Yansong from MAD in Beijing. Five authors were asked to explain in an essay the fieldwork they have executed on the Chinese streets.The third part of the dossier introduces five built examples of infill projects in Tokyo, Japan

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ARTICLE Musashino Art University Library and Museum
Sou Fujimoto swims against the tide of digitalization with his endless bookcases for the Musashino Art University Library and Museum in Tokyo.


ICON 089

Six thousand pieces of cypress wood make up Japanese architect Kengo Kuma’s
GC Prostho Museum Research Centre in Aichi prefecture, central Japan. The structure of the museum - which looks at the history of dentistry- was inspired by cidori, an old Japanese toy made of wooden sticks, which comes from nearby Takayama. 

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ARTICLE ‘The Perfect View’
On an unusual sloping plot in Switzerland, Diethelm & Spillmann architekten realizes its client’s lofty aspirations.

ARTICLE ‘Somewhere in-between’
Makoto Tanijiri from Suppose design builds walls out of fabric and light in a Tokyo house for a family of four. The concept is a special ‘jacket’ for the front garden – a length of stretched tent fabric that marks the corner site and connects the interior of the house to life on the street without depriving the occupants of all privacy. 

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DAMn 26

PORTRAIT Junya Ishigami
Junya Ishigami’s design approach is undoubtly eccentric, yet fresh.
Published, observed and adored by many Japanese architects long before his work was discovered at Venice two years ago, Ishigami already flourished in his own country as the arty ‘student’ of SANAA, brooding on own, groundbreaking ideas.

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'scape 02/2010

INTERVIEW- 'Back Home'
Young professionals in China are known for going abroad and confront themselves to other cultural environments and training, or professional careers. But what do they learn and experience, and what do they bring back home? Four interviews with young Chinese professionals show a hint of how they integrate their findings and experiences of abroad when confronted with the reality of their country.


Frame 76

INTERVIEW- ' Into the light'
Inspired by Matisse and by man's relationship with nature, Tokujin Yoshioka follows his dream in Seoul with the design of Rainbow Church.

ARTICLE- 'Painting in plastic'
A search for novelty and sustainability led Ryuji Nakamura to create an installation using hundreds of cellophane tubes in blue, pink and yellow.



PORTRAIT- Akihisa Hirata
'Architects should develop generating principles'. Akihisa Hirata wants buildings to take shape according to the laws of nature.


ICON 082

ARTICLE- 'A Buddhist priest's quarters' is the latest project from Katsuhiro Miyamoto & Associates and pays homage to the existing structures on the site of the 550-year-old Buddhist temple Chushin-ji.

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Blauwe Kamer 04/2010

COVER STORY- 'RUHR 2010 European Capital of Culture'
A mere mention of the word Ruhr, coal, steel and beer immediately spring to mind but, if the organisers of RUHR 2010 get their way, this will soon change to art, culture and luxuriant green space


Abitare 504

INTERVIEW- 'The Power of Public'
Giancarlo Mazzanti and Felipe Mesa collaborate for a school in Cartagena de Indias and a sports-complex in Medellin. With an interview by Cathelijne Nuijsink.


AWM 35

'Offering an alternative'. A city like Beijing could certainly use a thousand proposals. The Chinese architect, Ma Yansong, founder of MAD, believes that merely presenting alternatives can inspire the powerful Chinese authorities to think in different ways. Yansong comes up with suggestions himself, not just for higher density building but for green spaces to be included as well. Cathelijne Nuijsink interviewed the architect in his office in Beijing.


Abitare 502

ARTICLE- 'A concrete ring-a-ring-o'-roses'
Giancarlo's Mazzanti's El Porvenir nursery school is helping the cause of social renewal in Bogota's disadvantages housing districts. With an essay by Cathelijne Nuijsink.



'Overdesigned houses just don't fit'
Young Chilean architects Nicolas del Rio and Max Nunez of dRN want to act and design with wit and responsibility.


Abitare 499

ARTICLE- 'A buttonhole in the Air'
The White O villa, designed by Toyo Ito for Marbella in Chile, projects the dwellers into landscape. Cathelijne Nuijsink interviews the architect. Republished in Abitare China issue 019.


AWM 34

REPORT- 'Dreaming of better'
Under the heading of 'Better City, Better Life', more than 200 countries and organisations depict what life is like in their cities. The pavilions allow Chinese visitors a glimpse into how these other western cities function. Cathelijne reports from Shanghai on World Expo 2010.



FEATURE- 'Empty House'
Hideyuki Nakayama, the 37-year-old-protégé of master architect Toyo Ito, designed a house in Kyoto with an empty core.



PORTRAIT- Kumiko Inui
'Seeing is believing'.
Kumiko Inui enjoys confusing people by manipulating their perception of space.

INTERVIEW- Sou Fujimoto
'The incredible lightness of living'. Sou Fujimoto designed a house for a couple and their seven-year old daughter in which floors, walls and ceilings are punctuated by large holes.



COVER STORY- 'LAM's Gallery'
The new Derek Lam store by SANAA in New York blends Japanese simplicity with the look of an art gallery and the latest fashion trends.

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PORTRAIT- Juan Felipe Uribe de Bedout (Colombia)
'I listen to what I see'. Felipe Uribe observes a project's environment in order to see its richness.

FEATURE- 'Play Time'
Manabu Chiba designed an indoor playground for children in the Japanese countryside.


ICON 076

ARTICLE- 'House in Moriyama' by Japan's prolific Suppose Design Office has an interior perimeter garden wrapped around the living and dining room dedicated entirely to plants.

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'scape 02/2009

'For a vital city'.
The architects of OKRA landscape designers in the Netherlands are well known for their designs in which distinct, often innovative ideas, are fashioned into practical, feasible plans. An interview with Martin Knuijt, one of the founders of OKRA, and his new office partner, Wim Voogt, on vital cities and the rise of homo ludens; "We want people to discover for themselves what they can do with a site"


Blauwe Kamer 5/2009

REPORT- 'Biennale in Rotterdam' outlines challenges for the informal city. The Netherlands Architecture Institute (NAi) has been converted into one large forum for the fourth International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam (IABR). Architects, urban planners, and other professionals present their ideas on 'Open City: Designing Coexistence'. The
report stresses the challenges for the informal city.


Powershop 2: New Retail Design

BOOK- FRAME Publishers
The definitive double-volume tome on retail space design worldwide. The book showcases 200 outstanding store designs encompassing flagships and boutiques for fashion, luxury jewellery, sunglasses, cosmetics, shoes and sneakers to extraordinary drugstores and food shops to showrooms for cars and electronics. Cathelijne Nuijsink contributed articles on Japanese retail spaces.


Yearbook LS 2007/2008

BOOK- Blauwdruk Publishers
The best landscape and urban design projects in the Netherlands. Author of the reviews Binckhorst /Den Haag (FAA Floris Alkemade) en Nieuw Leyden/Leiden (MVRDV), based on interviews with Floris Alkemade and Nathalie de Vries.


de Architect Sep 09

ARTICLE- 'Sustainable Dragon'
The dynamics of sport were Toyo Ito's inspiration for his design of the main stadium for the 2009 World Games in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

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REPORT- 'Welcome in Colombia'
Six designers tell about the new zest in Colombian architecture.

PORTRAIT- Go Hasegawa
'Life in transition'. Go Hasegawa reinterprets everyday architectonic elements such as roofs, attics, gardens and terraces in his houses.

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PORTRAIT- Pezo-Von Ellrichshausen (Chile)
'It's good to be away from the rest of the architects'. Mauricio Pezo and Sofia Von Ellrichshausen enjoy their position in the margins of mainstream architecture.

FEATURE- 'Raising Mushrooms' Riken Yamamoto sows the roof of his NAMICS Laboratory with fertile ground.


Abitare 493

ARTICLE- 'The Frozen Tent'.
Essay on Toyo Ito's Za Koenji (theatre) in Tokyo.



ARTICLE- 'Layered With Meaning' is the story behind Jun Igarashi's Layered House. A sequence of stepped floors and narrowing apertures gives the Japanese house a dramatic sense of privacy

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ICON 071

ARTICLE- 'Hemmed in'
Inside the milky white box of Figured Glass House, TNA architects puzzled over the relation between rooms, arriving at a fiendish complexity. Four concrete structural walls arranged in two pairs perpendicular to each other serve as the partitions for 14 individual rooms.

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'scape 01/2009

'The Public Realm of the Senses'. With the same adrenaline and wanderlust of the historic aesthetic experiments of the 17th- and 18th-century English landscape garden, landscape designers GROSS.MAX in Edinburgh give a new twist to their own discipline. In their quest for a 'public realm of the senses', art and architecture act as eye-openers in order to provoke changing perspectives.

05. 2009


PORTRAIT- Nosigner
Unlike many of his creative colleagues, the young Japanese designer Nosigner doesn't claim to be inspired by nature- he simply nicks nature's treasures.

ARTICLE- 'The Cutting Edge'
Three Japanese hair salons by Isolation Unit, Assistant and Takao Shiotsuka Atelier feature ultra-minimalist interiors with a focus on the costumer and the cut.



ARTICLE- 'Levels of Complexity' describes Kazuyo Sejima's latest project, Okurayama Apartments in Yokohama, Japan, as an intricate composition of curves and voids that delicately balances privacy and community.

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de Architect May 09

ARTICLE- 'Hospital on springs'
The double use of space in Tokyo can lead to the most bizarre functions being combined. Architect, Koichi Yasuda, presents a striking example of this by constructing a hospital on top of a railway station. A spring construction and the use of silicones prevent the vibration and electro-magnetic radiation produced by the trains from interfering with sensitive medical equipment.


Abitare 492

ARTICLE- 'The white mountain'
A house designed by young architects at Productora has changed the topography of the land around Chihuahua, in Northern Mexico. Cathelijne Nuijsink takes a closer look. Republished in Abitare China issue 018.

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FEATURE- 'Call it Luck'
Junichi Sampei hopes his apartment block will entice its inhabitants to stay in more often.

INTERVIEW- Kazuyo Sejima
Kazuyo Sejima tells Cathelijne Nuijsink why the Okurayama apartment block in Tokyo is her most complex project to date.

FEATURE- 'Primitive Men'
The Sumika project for Tokyo Gas lets Japanese architects Toyo Ito, Sou Fujimoto, Taira Nishizawa and Terunobu Fujimori get back to basics.

INTERVIEW- Yoshiharu Tsukamoto
(Atelier Bow-Wow) 'The strange case of the stairway strangling a chimney'. According to architect Yoshiharu Tsukamoto the most important occupant of Atelier Bow-Wow's latest residential design is fire.


de Architect Mar 09

ARTICLE- 'Intangible tower'
In the middle of Tokyo's Aoyama, a monolith - nobody's building - consciously reveals nothing about its function. Its architect, Jun Aoki, wanted to give the SIA Aoyama Building a facade which would spark discussion about the role of the building in urban landscapes.

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'The Boss'. Jun Aoki discusses his studio works with young architects: three of his former junior employees, Kumiko Inui, Ryuji Nakamura and Yuko Nagayama look back on their time in his office.

COVER STORY- 'Home Alone'
Jun Igarashi's most recent completed house, located in northern Japan, is the stage for a radical form of privacy.

INTERVIEW- Riken Yamamoto
'Open House'. An interview with Riken Yamamoto who built a house with curved interior walls and a strong desire to change its surroundings.


de Architect Feb 09

ARTICLE- 'Above ground Cave'
In their House in Takaido, Mount Fuji Architects have used the metaphor of a primitive rock cave to break through the expression of everyday life in Tokyo. The design makes a strikingly generous gesture towards its neighbours.



PORTRAIT- Tatiana Bilbao (Mexico)
'The One and Only'. Tatiana Bilbao is one of the few women architects in Mexico with their own practices. Unjustly, in her opinion.


de Architect Extra 08

ARTICLE- 'Beyond landscape'
During the 2008 Venice Biennial, the young Japanese architect, Junya Ishigami, surprised visitors with his delicate greenhouses. The fragile steel constructions were evocative of an unreal world, one which could be discovered by the new architectural options offered by transparency.



ARTICLE- 'A Pointed Response' is the story of Makoto Tanijiri's House in Saijyo. The single-family house, in the shape of a "sharp cone", answers a young family's divergent needs.

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COVER STORY- 'Log House'
Sou Fujimoto stacked 189 logs to create a small vacation house.

INTERVIEW- Sou Fujimoto
'Layered House'.
Inspired by the narrow streets of Tokyo, old roman ruins and traditional Japanese gardens, Sou Fujimoto came up with a new housing prototype in the city of Oita.


de Architect Sep 08

ARTICLE- 'Immersed in the landscape'
Dominique Perrault addresses a new campus centre with a rigorous but sculptural gesture. The new campus center of Seoul's Ewha Woman's University is an undulating strip of communication unfurling along the natural incline of the campus grounds. The valley contours open to reveal a diverse mix of activities.

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INTERVIEW- Alejandro Aravena (Chile)
'Less Money, more creativity'. Alejandro Aravena initiates housing projects for Chile's poor with interdisciplinary firm Elemental.

PORTRAIT- Francisco Pardo & Julio Amezcua (Mexico)
'Think global, act local'. The Mexican architectural firm at103 combines advanced computer technology with simple handicraft.



ARTICLE- 'Nesting in Tokyo' presents Hiroshi Nakamura's project of Dancing Trees, Singing Birds. Woven into a rare stand of trees, the apartment building offers business travellers a place to land.

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PORTRAIT- Ryuji Nakamura
'The Quiet Man'. An occasional element - a butterfly, a pair of glasses, a mouse hole- is all that enhances the silence that reigns supreme in the work of Ryuji Nakamura.

FEATURE- 'Have an icy day'.
Unlike colleagues who go for ultrachic retail interiors, Wonderwall's Masamichi Katayama gave the two-in-one BBC/Ice Cream store in Hong Kong a playful look

FEATURE- 'Ace of Diamonds'
Rather than an in-your-face product presentation, Kengo Kuma gave Il Casone's stand at MARMOMACC a self-explanatory structure made entirely of the client's stones.


de Architect Jul 08

ARTICLE- 'House of knowledge'
In the Vasconcelos Library, an immense mass rising out of abundant vegetation, the Mexican architect, Alberto Kalach, has provided Mexico City residents with a vast outdoor space for reflection and conversation as well as a mega collection of books, resources and information.

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PORTRAIT- Junya Ishigami
'Changing the scale, changes the atmosphere' After a long stint with SANAA, architect Junya Ishigami is making a breakthrough with his own projects. An introduction to his work touches topics as scale, proportion and atmosphere.


Wallpaper* 110

ARTICLE- 'Preacher fan'.
With its earthy palette and monumental presence, SOY source's B Church in Sendai, Japan, is winning lots of new converts.


de Architect Apr 08

ARTICLE- 'Open, sesame!'
Go Hasegawa has given the House in Gotanda an alley to show that living together in an urban landscape can be a very exhilarating experience. The House adds an unexpected boost to urban landscape renewal in Tokyo

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PORTRAIT- Tokujin Yoshioka
'The Weather Man'. Tokujin Yoshioka's latest work continues to display fascination for natural phenomena and an eye for materials.

FEATURE- '3 in 1'
Enticing shoppers one zone at a time, Keiko and Manabu apply a fresh approach to retail design at the Bless boutique in Kobe.

REPORT- 'Live in Tokyo'
Tokyo Designer's Week/ Design Tide 2007


de Architect Mar 08

Theme issue on Houses in Tokyo
Essay + 7 project reviews - 'Living in modernity'. The Tokyo house as a building block in the urban landscape. Although Tokyo is a city which has not had one particular architectonic language stamped upon it, the discussion that the landscape is nothing but chaos is over. Japanese architects devise surprising solutions for private houses which communicate with their surroundings.

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COVER STORY- 'Twist and Shop'
MVRDV's shopping mall Gyre in Tokyo is anything but a run-of-the-mill addition to the series of flagship stores alont the Omotesando Boulevard. An interview with Jacob van Rijs and Nathalie de Vries inside Gyre.



ARTICLE- 'A Nod to Botany' presents TNA Architects' Mosaic House in Tokyo. The young architects capture light in a crowded Tokyo neighborhood by curving a house toward the sun.Read:

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PORTRAIT- Terunobu Fujimori
'The Outsider'. From one day to the next, architecture historian Terunobu Fujimori began building, a decision that led to a highly remarkable oeuvre.

INTERVIEW- Akira Yoneda & Ryota Kidokoro (ARUP)
'The last of the Acrobats'. Akira Yoneda and Arup engineer Kidokoro discuss Architecton's new skin clinic in Nabari, Japan.


Wallpaper* 103

ARTICLE- 'Flower Power'.
A cherry blossom patterns punched into stainless-steel perimeter walls helped Mount Fuji Architects create a secluded glass house in a crowded Tokyo suburb.



'Leaning Curves'. In his search for the ideal structural language, Toyo Ito uses lots of curves in his design for the Tama Art University New Library.


Wallpaper* 102

ARTICLE- 'Kochi Coup'
Using his trademark 'particlisation' to create a warm, welcoming space, architect Kengo Kuma's new town hall in Japan is much more than a pretty façade.



COVER STORY- 'Do the Bambi'
None other than Bambi formed the inspiration for architect Jun Aoki's installation of luminous cubes at Taro Nasu Gallery in Osaka, Japan


Abitare 476

ARTICLE- 'K-Clinic'
The dermatology clinic designed by Architecton in Nabari, Japan, is a melting pot of events and relations.


Wallpaper* 100

ARTICLE- 'Square Roots'
If you're wanting to lie low, TNA's woodland retreat outside Tokyo offers 360-degree vistas while blending perfectly into its surroundings.



INTERVIEW- Ryue Nishizawa
'How to use a house'. Having recently completed House A, Ryue Nishizawa talks about his approach to design, about residing in Tokyo and about style.


de Architect Mar 07

ARTICLE- 'Futuristic home and work laboratory'
Akira Yoneda's design for White Base strikes one immediately as a home for a designer and collector of manga comics. The search for an inspiring and bizarre domestic and work environment culminated in the creation of a 'space station' reflecting both the nostalgic taste and the futuristic life-style of the owner.

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